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Fabrics • Pockets • Air filters • Filter bags • Centrifuge bags • Fluid bed bags • Multibooks • Cartridges for dust • Cartridges for liquid • Textile silos • Fluorescent dust to detect leakage • Cages • Venturis • Solenoid valves • Timers • Boilers

Products for Filtering Air and Microparticles
ICT Filtración bags, sealed by thermowelding, with ultrasound-reinforced bonding, achieve absolute tightness and particle retention and ensure pure end products.

Products for Filtering Liquids
Careful selection of fabrics and advanced manufacturing and finishing technology ensure that ICT Filtración filter fabrics adapt to, suit and maximise the efficiency of filters in standard or custom applications.

Products for Filtering Liquids and Fluids
Depending on the fabric and its porosity, ICT Filtración filter bags provide insulation for any particle size, on the surface or in depth, with guaranteed calibration, strength and useful life even under high pressure and at high flow rates.

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