Filtration as an ally of performance and quality

lecho fluido 01.CR2.pFilter elements for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
The pharmaceutical and chemical industries are benchmarks for quality and safety in production processes and end product due to their high levels of regulatory requirements. Because of this, and pursuing the same goals of quality and safety, suppliers of filter systems and elements to these industries must set the same levels of regulatory compliance for themselves.
Because it is a priority goal for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries to assure mixtures with a low coefficient of variation, but this is not their only goal, however important it may be. This is why the filter elements supplied by vendors specialising in high-performance filtration also have to meet three other basic objectives, which are minimising the time taken by production processes, ensuring a pure end product free from contaminants and controlling emissions and wastage of product during the manufacturing process.

Read more (PDF): CometThinks nº26.

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