ICT Filtration

High-technology, ECO2-efficient Industrial Filtration Solutions
ICT FILTRATION, based in Montgat, Barcelona, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-technology, eco-efficient bags, fabrics and solutions for industrial filtering of dust, air, liquids and fluids.
ICT FILTRATION designs, manufactures and markets high-quality products and services, both standard and customised, for industrial uses where there is a risk of emitting particles into the atmosphere in sectors such as primary aluminium, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement and food, among others.
ICT FILTRATION products and services are exported to countries on all five continents with the aim of helping companies to be more competitive and responsible by fostering, guaranteeing and facilitating the balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact.
The ICT FILTRATION workforce is the key to its specialisation and potential in areas of knowledge such as research into new materials, developing new manufacturing technology and designing innovative construction and finishing techniques.

We are convinced that industry can be competitive and responsible at the same time and this vision goes beyond mere compliance with standards and legislation on industrial particle emissions into the atmosphere. ICT FILTRATION believes in intelligent, aware industrial progress which is both ambitious and responsible at the same time.

We foster, assure and facilitate the balance between maximum industrial development and minimum environmental impact through innovation, design, production and marketing of products and services to help industry to control and minimise the risk of particle emissions.
ICT FILTRATION helps companies to be more competitive and responsible.

Balance, imagination, innovation, openness, sincerity, simplicity, naturalness and commitment are the values that inspire the way we think and act, and the pillars on which we build our range of products, services and partnerships.
Companies which, like ICT FILTRATION, decide and act on their own initiative are the ones which are building the brighter future that others just talk about.

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