When the cleaning system boiler loses pressure

portadillaPractical guide.
“ICT FILTRACIÓN PRACTICAL GUIDES” are a new tool for know-how and information. Their purpose is to solve problems and make industrial filters work at 100%. Their highly practical contents “guide” the reader from problem to solution. The different “ICT FILTRACIÓN PRACTICAL GUIDES,” available for free online, are aimed at technicians and those responsible for maintenance, engineering and production in general. Take a look at them – they’re incredibly useful!
The first of the “ICT FILTRACIÓN PRACTICAL GUIDES” diagnoses symptoms, suggests causes and proposes possible solutions to situations where the cleaning system boiler loses pressure so that it falls below the desired level.
This first one will be followed by many other ICT FILTRACIÓN PRACTICAL GUIDES which will focus on different issues that can arise in relation to industrial filters. Thus, number two will reveal causes and solutions for when the system boiler pressure falls constantly between pulses at zero pressure or far below specifications, so that the system cannot be pressurised.
All the ICT FILTRACIÓN PRACTICAL GUIDES are available online and can be downloaded in PDF format in the “PRACTICAL GUIDES” section of our blog (spanish only).

Mónica Fernández
Technical support and customer care coordinator

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