A filtration case study in the pharmaceutical industry

Presented at the Expoquimia Technical Seminars
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As well as showing off its different ranges of industrial filtration products, in particular the PharmaLine solutions developed specifically for the demanding pharmaceutical industry, ICT FILTRACIÓN took part as a speaker in the Expoquímia technical seminars at Expoquímia, the Barcelona chemicals fair.
Together with our expert partner Gistea, a specialist in industrial technical cleaning, we presented a case study in the talks on “Process optimisation during fluid bed drying” and “Keys to maintenance of the filtration system”.

The case is that of a laboratory equipped with two fluid beds, one in a pilot plant and the other in an industrial plant, with rating of both pieces of equipment by Gistea. When testing began on the granulation process, completely different granule sizes were found coming out of the pilot plant and the industrial plant.
The rating tests were repeated with the equipment and the whole installation of the industrial plant was checked in a search for the cause of the change in comparison with the analytical results obtained in the pilot plant.
In view of the lack of any obvious cause in the equipment, technical specialists from ICT FILTRACIÓN were called in. After checking that the equipment installed in the industrial plant worked properly, they concentrated on looking at the type of fabric being used. The ICT FILTRACIÓN laboratory discovered that this fabric was not the same as that used in the pilot plant. The different results were due to this fact: the type of fabric caused significant differences in terms of permeability and retention capacity.
Once the cause of the malfunction had been detected, the filter fabric in the equipment in the industrial plant was replaced and the results were then found to match those from the pilot plant.

Joan Perucho
Head of PharmaLine Production

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