Ring bags and pockets with 100% thermal bonded seams for zero emissions

Stitched lengthwise seam. Thermal bonded lengthwise seam.

ICT FILTRACIÓN invests in improvements to its production systems .
The challenge for ICT FILTRACIÓN is to help industrial firms to avoid emitting polluting particles into the atmosphere during their processes. To do this, we follow a policy of investment and a strategy of constant improvement in our manufacturing and finishing processes. This time we have allocated technical and financial resources to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes with thermal bonding of ring bags and pockets.

Thermal bonded ring bags.

Unlike traditional stitching, which always involves a risk of emissions, thermal bonding technology, used both in longitudinal seams and in the finish for the cloth which covers the rings, guarantees zero particle emissions.
This improved manufacturing capability in our facilities using this finishing technology gives our products superior guarantees of quality, increased economic efficiency and maximum environmental security.
These investments bring benefits from the point of view of customer service, too, such as the possibility of cutting production time in the case of orders for urgent delivery.

Josep Crespo

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