Action at times of industrial and/or environmental crisis

Natural disasters
2011_04_23_09_07_47_43The natural disasters that occur in a certain area always have an impact on that area’s industry. Regardless of the scale or seriousness of the event, the company or companies affected fall into a state of acute crisis caused by the loss of road or railway accesses, the disaster’s effect on constructive structures or productive installations, the loss of raw materials or finished product stocks, the collapse of the power supplies and in the worst cases, loss of human lives.
No matter what sector of activity or what type of disaster and its impact, the affected industries are usually forced to shut down their productive processes for fear of polluting emissions. The fact is that in some cases the shutdown is actually the consequence of the emissions, while in others it is the other way round.
For whatever reason (climate change, natural cycles, chance…), in recent times we have seen, been witness to and even victims, in some cases, of these dramatic situations that seriously endanger the future of companies and the environment. In ICT FILTRACIÓN a few years ago we drew up a protocol of action for episodes of this kind with our sights placed on helping customers who might be affected by a natural disaster. We aimed to palliate the commercial, economic and environmental consequences that the disaster might have on our customers as far as we could.
The protocol is activated when we hear of floods, fire, earthquakes or any other similar incident in an area where ICT FILTRACIÓN customers work.
DSC01496In a few hours, we will have contacted these companies to offer our collaboration by urgently supplying filter bags, cloths and solutions. We super urgently produce and supply product at no extra cost, so that our customers might take up their productive activity as soon as possible without effect on the environment.
This almost immediate reply means having the necessary human and technical resources to make the products, organising the resources as efficiently as possible and reorganising production to give priority to the emergency without negatively affecting the delivery times agreed with other customers.
As manufacturers, ICT FILTRACIÓN has and offers such capacities every day, but maximises them when it is necessary to answer the exceptional needs of a customer with problems or an environment at risk.

Xavier Bassas
General Manager

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