Innovative solutions to reduce risk and avoid emissions of particles into the atmosphere

ICT Filtración filter bags and fabrics
Innovative solutions to reduce risk and avoid emissions of particles into the atmosphere
ICT Filtración conceives, designs and manufactures filter bags and fabrics to help industry to improve its competitiveness and at the same time minimise its environmental impact.

Throughout its twenty-three years on the market, this is the goal which has driven this Barcelona company to innovate, create and progress in research into new materials, improving efficiency and finishing techniques, developing its own production technology and developing and manufacturing both products and solutions of certified quality. This store of experience and the high degree of specialisation it has achieved are today internationally recognised.

From fabrics to complete, customised solutions
Imagination on the one hand and fabrics on the other form the basis for the filtration systems supplied by ICT Filtración. Different fabrics, compositions, porosities, physical and mechanical features, weaves, thicknesses and a long list of other distinctive features enable the firm to imagine and determine the right fabric for each application, however complex it may seem. On the basis of this choice, ICT Filtración designs the total solution to best meet the need in question: from a standard product to a unique, customised system made to measure. ICT Filtración’s experience and specialisation enable it to create the right system for monitoring and controlling emissions, i.e. the one which will allow the customer to adapt to and exceed, with certainty, the most demanding regulations and environmental legislation in their jurisdiction.

Air and microparticles
ICT Filtración bags, heat-sealed and with ultrasound-welded reinforcement, attain absolute tightness and particle retention to ensure pure end products.
The range of products intended for filtering air and microparticles consists of filter bags, fluid bed bags, multibooks, mini-weaves, fluidisation pockets and pouch-type bags.

Liquid and fluid filtration
Careful selection of the fabric and the advanced production and finishing technology used for ICT Filtración filter fabrics adapt, adjust and maximise filter efficiency in both standard and custom applications. The principal products used for filtration of this kind are trapezoidal sectors, press filters and centrifuge bags.
For filtering liquids and fluids, depending on the fabric and porosity, ICT Filtración filter bags assure retention of any size of particle, on the surface or at depth, with guaranteed calibration, strength and lifetime even at high pressures and flow rates.

The most comprehensive range
As well as filter bags and fabrics, the ICT Filtración range of products, systems and solutions also includes cartridges for dust, cartridges for liquid, textile silos, fluorescent leak detection powder, cages, venturis, solenoid valves, timers, boilers and a considerable capacity for exploring new paths through innovation in materials and techniques.

New standards in quality and eco-efficiency
The experience and specialisation sustained by twenty-three years on the market and the confidence of over 5,000 customers give the firm the strength and energy it needs to carry on exploring and discovering new paths, where others will also follow.
Important among ICT Filtración’s ongoing goals are those of setting quality standards for the market to adopt as benchmarks, a constant effort in innovation in order to carry on providing high-technology, eco-efficient solutions, leading technological change in manufacturing and finishing processes, maximum openness in the composition and features of its fabrics and finally a firm belief in helping industries to maintain the balance between economic development and care for the environment.

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